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Bitch show a juggalette respect, you don't wanna tussle with a down ninjette.

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Please join! [060908 | 03:41PM]


Read On... [040706 | 09:09PM]


If you guys like anyone from Psychopathic Redcords, Rydas Records, Lyrikal Snuff Productions (LSP), Kamp Blood, 7th Seal Entertainment (7SE), or Rottin Musick (RM) then read on. This is coming from a down ass Juggalette "These guys are the SHIT! Scum brings the wikid shit like I've never fuckin' seen!"

Image hosting by Photobucket

Pandora's Box for Sale by KBPromotions for $10!

Image hosting by Photobucket

All FOUR Scum CDs for sale by KBPromotions!

Only Bodies Left Behind (OBLB) -- $12
Violent Verses -- $10
Enter The Asylum -- $10
Lyrikal Snuff (by LnG) -- $8

Click the Pics or you can go to http://www.myspace.com/kbpromotions. You can e-mail Max or Kindra at KBlood_Promos@yahoo.com.

You can also buy two for $18, three for $25 or ALL FOUR for $30!


Subject Unknown.... [012406 | 04:58AM]

[ mood | restless ]

Soooooo, my birthday Friday kind of sucked. I'm not much of a birthday person anyway. I just got money from my mom, grandma, and Matt. I bought my iPod. It's so cute and tiny! I was suprised how easy it was to put my songs on it. All I did was plug it in. My mom left early in the afternoon ( said she'd be right back) and then stayed gone till like 7pm. When she came home I was in the middle of dying my hair pink. So she got mad and decided to ignore me for the rest of my birthday. Her and her husband left (again) got a pizza, and ate it in their bedroom. Don't offer the birthday girl a piece or anything. Ummm I went to see Saw 2 with matt and my cousin Ricky. Smoked a joint for the first time in....uh...I can't even remember. I've been abstaining in case I had to take a drug test for a job, but Ricky made a good point when he said there are no jobs in Mansfield, and no one would give either of us one anyway. Then we went to the store and bought stuff to make jumbalya (or however you spell it) because I hadn't ate all day.

The End. Happy 23rd Birthday Loser!

On a lighter note....The gathering is going to be near Columbus!! I know I've said this before, but I'm going this year no matter what! I've missed 3 years in a row! I'm also going to TNA in March. When I first started watching TNA I was like "Why don't they tour?" Fuck Florida! Now, not only can I see them near me, but psychopathic being involved is an added bonus. I LOVE Jeff Jarett!! He was one of my favorite parts of WCW. I love Christian too. I never cared for him with Edge, but no one is noticeable next to the beautiful Edge! And STING!!!!! Yes he's a little fat now and his hair is a little thinner, but it's STING!!!! I have an embarassing amount of Sting memerobillia. Well, wrestling stuff in general, t-shirts, posters, ect. The only thing that isn't packed in a box somewhere is my HUGE Brett Hart flag which is currently hanging over the ugly lace curtains in my mom's living room/my makeshift bedroom. Matt said it makes it look like a trailor in here.

I smell incense. Thats weird because no one is up.


Moving Sale! [011806 | 12:00AM]

[ mood | anxious ]

I'm having a moving sale, since I have rent to pay now. Moving out of the parents.

But in case anyone is interested in anything I have, see My Auctions!

Combination of ladies clothes, a few men's tee shirts (two Psychopathic, one video game), and some other assorted crap.

Cross posted a little.


MOTHER FUCKING HOSTEL!!!! [011606 | 07:12AM]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

People are actually making Horror again!!! In America! Not just Asia! Real Horror, not that stupid trendy teen bullshit in the 90's (scream, i know what you did last summer, ect.)Eli Roth is a Fucking God!!! A couple of previews looked promising too! If you haven't seen it yet GO SEE HOSTEL!!!! The first half is a little cliche,(20 somethings partying in europe) but the second half MORE than makes up for it!!! X-specially with me being a Special FX make-up whore and all.


Moving Sale! [011206 | 10:32PM]

[ mood | crazy ]

I'm moving out of my parents house soon and I'm a bit poor. So I'm having a moving sale...check out my auctions!

Mostly girl's clothes but there's one XL ICP tee.

Go look? My Auctions



Check out this ICP Shirt I made! <3 [122805 | 02:55AM]



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[120205 | 04:47AM]

Does anyone know where I can buy 0 gage hatchetman earrings?
Anyone know anyone who would want to sell a pair?

They used to be on hatchetgear way back in the day and now I can't find them...
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shameless plug :) [091705 | 07:39PM]

but they're cute, yes?

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Check out this ICP shirt I made! Its for sale on eBay. <3 [091705 | 07:39PM]


HavokArt: "Click here to check out my Auction!"

You can click the picture above, and go straight to my Auction!
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whose going chicken huntin? [091205 | 04:07PM]

[ mood | confused ]

I'm new to the whole community thing so I donno if I screw something up just tell me and don't take the hatchet to my neck. I've been a icp fan ever since I was introduced to them.I donno I'm not really good on memory (hence the livejournal) 3 years ago? I'm pretty young I'm only 14. I'm a chick the last time I checked.... do do do....Um...I like chicks, a lot. My style is rebbecca, not goth, not punk, not jock, rebbecca. My fav icp songs are play with me, what is a juggalo,chicken huntin, toy box, sedatives, everyday I die, prom queen (<3 that song), everybody rise, damn I have too many. alright I think I'm done with this... Wes going chicken' huntin!

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[082505 | 12:21PM]


Twiztid Homepage [081705 | 02:06AM]


I made a customizable homepage for Twiztid fans. It's based off the the Green Book cover. You can go to AwesomeStart.com to customize it, or just click on the image above to go right to it. If you like it, set it as your homepage.

I'll have more psychopathic records ones up all week. I think I'm gunna do ICP next. Let's see if enough people can add the Twiztid one as their homepage to get it to No. 1 in the top 4 on the main page and kick those fucking saddle creek bands off the top 4.

Oh, and I'm x-posting this in the other psychopathic/twiztid communities. If you guys could help me spread the word that would be awesome.
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'lette rant. [081705 | 12:03AM]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Okay, this has been irking me for a while. The boys, they have their own family here but they NEVER let any of the girls in their family because they say girls bring drama. mean while they fight about weather or not they should be a gang and shit like that. I mean we love them and all but they act like we're little problems, they meet every Sunday just to talk about stupid shit.
Should I just get all the girls together and make our own little family? Let them be boys? Or should we just go and kick their fat asses?

AND I Have to ask, does anyone else have this problem?


'lo [081305 | 04:37AM]

[ mood | confused ]

the name is Nyx. I've joined....
just wanted to say this.
Never quite sure if I was a juggalette or not. I've lisened to icp for a long time. Before alot of the people I know do... I was in my own family, but when my bf Curly died, the family kinda fell apart. after he died I never felt right in calling myself a 'lette...
Now I'm dating a juggalo (and his family so it seems). I'm not sure if it would be right to step back up to the title again. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated, either here or in my lj.

-Nyx (former?)Possable Juggalette.

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[072405 | 03:23PM]
From Faygoluvers-
Now, what's gonna be coming out over the next several months? Let's see, how about finally a Jamie Madrox Solo Album? That'll be called PHATSO, with sesame seed cover and everything! Then, Samhein Witch Killaz will be releasing the album Bloodletting, both in 2006!

Can't wait!

Bashing sucks. [071305 | 03:13PM]
Okay this being a pretty long entry I'm gonna put it in as a LJ CUT. It's about anti-icp/ anti-juggalo groups. Read if you want. I just need to get it off my chest.

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Much Love,
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Promoting [071205 | 11:55AM]

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I'm new.. [071205 | 09:34AM]
Okay, I'm new. My name is Kay. If you need to know more just look at my info :)

I'm just wondering what jokers card, is your favorite.. and why?
- Mine is The Riddlebox.
This is because of these songs ->
1. Cemetary Girl
2. Dead body man
3. Ol' Evil Eye
4. I'm Coming Home
-- Favorites of mine.
& I also love the way The Riddlebox looks like. I drew The Riddlebox for my boyfriend a while ago.
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[070405 | 08:19AM]

hey sup just wanted to say hey yo i live in fla any 'lettes around ocala hit me up :)
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